Demi Lovato Wants To Be Role Model For Young Teens

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It’s time for Miley Cyrus to move over and make room for the newest Disney teen pop star – Demi Lovato. She has become quite popular with the younger generation and her new album “Don’t Forget” came in second on the Billboard charts this week. But this newest teen sensation didn’t always have such a great life.

Wednesday on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” she shared with Ellen that when she was in seventh grade she was unpopular and she was forced to leave school. “I never really understood why it was at the moment until looking back,” she told Ellen, admitting that she was being bullied in school even as she was auditioning for roles. “I had a different lifestyle then everyone else. Whether it was because of my hair color or what ever the reason was, I pinned it on myself.”

She said that she wants to use her new fame to be an example for other girls and boys who are having a hard time.“I think people think if you’re pretty, if you’re popular, you can take it,” Ellen told her, “But everyone has their feelings hurt and it doesn’t matter.”

“I guess the way that I want to impact girls as a… role model — It’s not me not making mistakes because I’m going to make mistakes but one day I want to help with bullying,” Demi said. “Because there are girls who can’t just up and home school and focus on their career… Whether you’re a girl or a boy.”