Join Miley Cyrus In Disneyland For Her Birthday Party

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Miley Cyrus looks to finally be doing what’s right and staying away from making fun of her fellow singers (a.k.a. Selena Gomez) and keeping hidden any more photos that could ruin her reputation. The young singer will be turning 16 this year and she is inviting all of her friends to join her in Disneyland this October to help her celebrate.

Only 5,000 will be allowed to attend this birthday bash. Of course this is not cheap and will require a cover charge of $250 in order to attend. Tickets (or invitations as they are labeling it) are due to be put on sale August 30 at 9 a.m. PDT. “It’s gonna be an awesome party with more than 7 things I like,” the “Hannah Montana” star told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s gonna be totally awesome. I hope it’s a great time,” she added.

Although Miley Cyrus would not disclose too much about her upcoming party, she did say the bash would include rollercoasters. “I love roller coasters so this is my ultimate birthday,” she told the same source.
Nevertheless, the Disney Channel icon decided to turn one of the most important birthday parties of her life into a major fundraiser. The beneficiary of the charity performance will be Youth Service America, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of young people aged from 5 to 25.

The pop singer and actress who turns 16 on November 23 wants “to get something bad on the road,” as she told Radio Disney. Furthermore, the automobile must be “big enough for all my friends and to scare all the cars away from me. I’m a good driver but it’s everyone else that I’m worried about!”, Miley said. Looks like Shia LeBeouf will have some competition on the roads this year.