Learn How To Freestyle Rap

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Rapping is lately gaining prominence as an eminent music form. Whoever thought that rap was only a bunch of rhyming words strung together, needs to know that it is much more than that. One of the famous rapping styles is Freestyle Rap. Its basically rap lyrics that are written spontaneously, without any previous preparation. Later on, music is added to complete the piece. There are many eminent rappers who have made a mark in the rap genre. For instance, names such as Hardy Michael Troy a.k.a Myka 9 and Antonio Monterio a.k.a. Big Daddy Kane were prominent rappers in their day. To guide youngsters in the art of rapping, there have been quite a few books written on the subject such as ‘A God on the Mic’ or ‘How to Rap’. However, books are generally not very helpful, when it comes to performing arts. The two things that a person needs to have an excellent vocabulary and a sense of rhythm. However there are a few steps one can follow to get a head start:

Easy start- It involves spontaneity. So when you are rapping just be random and refrain from following any deep thought process. Usually, free and simple lyrics can set the beat.

Go with the Flow- The best part about freestyle rap is there is plenty of scope for mistakes. You can pull off a mistake if it is rhymed for mistakes. You can pull off a mistake if it is rhymed perfectly.

Timing- In rapping, timing is crucial. One should be ahead in their mind while rapping. For instance, you should know the end of the next line as soon as the previous line ends.

Lyrics writing- Writing is always a good exercise, be it in any form of art. It gives you the scope to experiment with different words.

Rap about the world around you- It is easy to gain a fan following if one raps about things associated with their lives and the surrounding ones.

Freestyle Rap is different from Orthodox rap and takes rhyme into consideration. “Battles” usually focus on either written or freestyle. A freestyle rap competition involves rappers battling or throwing challenges against each other. There are some more methods which you can use to practice your art. They are listed as below:

Beats are important- Just by throwing in rhyming words, one cannot be a decent rapper. Know what beat to use to make your sounds interesting. Put the coposed sentences and words in a song and sing with beats. For the rhythm and pace, you can use a drum too.

Increase your vocabulary- Exhaustive vocabulary is a must. Unlike other forms of music, this genre chiefly depends on words and music cannot be used as a filler. Memorize rhyming words to help you master this style of music.

Participation is more important than winning- To know the extent of your learning, the best way is to participate in rapping styles. These competitions usually include the opponents including each other with rhymed words set to music!

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