Will Britney Spears Attend The AMA’s?

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Many people are curious on whether or not Britney Spears will be performing at this Sunday’s American Music Awards. Many think that it will happen so that she can have the chance to reboot her career and promote her new “Circus” album. Trying to find the answer is difficult and the host of the show – Jimmy Kimmel – isn’t talking.

“They have these surprises that 75 people on the crew know about, but they won’t tell the host,” Kimmel insists. “Apparently, there is some big surprise. I sent…the producer an email yesterday and he was like, I can’t tell you.”

The last time Spears appeared at the AMA’s was two years ago. It was around the time that she and Kevin Federline were splitting up and she had filed for divorce. Unfortunately it wasn’t her best moment. She ended up by presenting an award right after a skit. The skit was Kimmel throwing a Keven Federline look alike into a box and then into the ocean. “She didn’t think that was funny,” Kimmel remembers.

Spear’s rep said that she had no plans to attend. If she does come though we hope that this time goes better for her.